Monday, April 7, 2008

Lessons on how to engage bloggers from Indonesia (Malaysian ministers please note)

While Malaysian ministers struggle to engage the blogger Indonesia’s Information Minister Muhamed Nuh is breezing effortless to yet another well received engagement with bloggers.
Pak Son, Nuh’s PA, earlier today SMS’s
Romi Satria Wahono saying the minister would like to meet bloggers for a dialogue. He wasn’t specific about the topic. It just looked like Pak Nuh just wanted an exchange of ideas with bloggers. Pak Nuh, some of you may recall, was the Indonesian Minister that opened Pesta Blogger 2007, told bloggers that Indonesia had freedom of expression and bloggers would not be censored, and declared October 27 National Bloggers Day.
Romi e-mailed the top bloggers about the meeting which would be held at 7pm this coming Monday (April 7) at the meeting room on the 7th Floor of Nuh’s Ministry.
So far among the prominent Indonesian bloggers that have responded are: Romi Satria Wahono,
Riyogata, Harry Sufehmi, Budi Putra, Muhammad Aulia Fahmi. Enda Nasution (going to Singapore) and Unspun sent apologies (off to see Cherry Blossoms and pretend to look attentive in a meeting in Tokyo, but would have loved to join in the dialogue).
What they’ll discuss (probably the antics of Presidential technology advisor
Roy “the Boy” Suryo - for rollicking satire see here) and whether anything comes out of the meeting remains to be seen.
What is clear so far is the exemplary way in which the Indonesian minister engages bloggers. Perhaps Pak Nuh should be sent to Malaysia to teach the neighbors Seberang a thing or two about how the government should engage bloggers?

Source : The Unspun


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